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Sources of Inspiration lectures by Barbara Albert, Ilmar Raag, Petter Næss and Isaki Lacuesta! more details


Printed documentations available upon request! more details


2014 contributions by Georg Tschurtschenthaler about the Digital Buzz Word Jungle and Ludger Pfanz about Future Design: Artistic Visions for Audiovisual Media more details

Selection of projects kicked off...

... for script development workshop at FilmCamp, Norway more details

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Sources 2 films / recent success! more details

Sources 2 sessions in Spain!

Gualberto Ferrari and Miguel Machalski will again provide consultancy sessions in Barcelona, San Sebastian and Seville. more details
What's Wrong With A Free Lunch?
Shooting just started!
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Currently in post-production:
6 new films from Austria, Lithuania, Spain/Germany, Switzerland and the UK. more details
Michael Seeber, Louise Gough and Arash T. Riahi guided Sources 2 Projects & Process - Training Mentors in Amsterdam.
Louise Gough's group at FilmCamp workshop 2014
Paul Tyler / Handling ideas at Sources 2 wokshop at FilmCamp 2014
Georg Tschurtschenthaler about Cross-Media at FilmCamp workshop 2014
Excursion! Sources 2 summer workshop 2014 at FilmCamp
Catherine Breillat: Sources of Inspiration at Sources 2 summer workshop 2014
Spring workshop 2014 at Schloss Ziethen
Everyday Rebellion: The Riahi Brothers at Sources 2 spring workshop 2014
Opening Sources 2 Projects & Process 2013