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New contributions! Vinca Wiedemann about Mentoring & Eric Collins: A Century of Screenwriting Lessons
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In Love With Lou – A Philosopher's Life by Cordula Kablitz-Post.

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The Migrumpies by Arman T. Riahi
Fernando Eimbcke's Sources of Inspiration Lecture in Tübingen, April 2016.
Participants, partners and team, Sources 2 workshopin Tübingen 2016.
Edgard Tenembaum lecturing at Sources 2 workshop in Tübingen 2016.
Paul Tyler / Handling Ideas at Sources 2 workshop in Tübingen 2016.
Michel Reilhac about VR at Sources workshop in Tübingen 2016.
Creative Europe network reception in Tübingen, April 2016.
Marcus Vetter about his recent film The Promise, Tübingen workshop 2016.
Summer at FilmCamp 2015.
Sources 2 Mentors’ Training in Bavaria: Vinca Wiedemann, Rector of the National Film School of Denmark, lectured about Mentoring.
Fishbowl - live script session with Louise Gough and Arash T. Raihi at Sources 2 Projects & Process - Training Mentors in Bavaria 2015.
Michael Seeber, Louise Gough and Arash T. Riahi, our advisers guiding Sources 2 Projects & Process - Training Mentors.
Opening Sources 2 Projects & Process 2013