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Sources of Inspiration lectures by Barbara Albert, Ilmar Raag, Petter Næss and Isaki Lacuesta! more details


Printed documentations available upon request! more details


New contribution by Ludger Pfanz
Future Design: Artistic Visions for Audiovisual Media more details


Mentors Training in Amsterdam with open events on 5th + 6th November 2014. more details

Application dates 2014/15

Script development and mentors' training! more details

Sources 2 sessions in Spain!

Gualberto Ferrari and Miguel Machalski in Barcelona, San Sebastian and Seville. more details
Marienborn, a documentary by Sabine König: Premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival Utrecht! more details
World premiere in Karlovy Vary!
Afterlife by Hungarian writer/director Virág Zomborácz opens East of the West competition.
more details
Louise Gough's group at FilmCamp workshop 2014
Paul Tyler / Handling ideas at Sources 2 wokshop at FilmCamp 2014
Georg Tschurtschenthaler about Cross-Media at FilmCamp workshop 2014
Excursion! Sources 2 summer workshop 2014 at FilmCamp
Catherine Breillat: Sources of Inspiration at Sources 2 summer workshop 2014
Spring workshop 2014 at Schloss Ziethen
Everyday Rebellion: The Riahi Brothers at Sources 2 spring workshop 2014
Opening Sources 2 Projects & Process 2013