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Sources of Inspiration by Lukas Dhont | Adina Pintilie | Torfinn Iversen more details


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Read contributions by Ludo Smolski, Tue Steen Müller, Karol Griffiths, Vinca Wiedemann, Virgil Widrich, Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir, Michel Reilhac, Michael Comyn, a.o. more details

Sources 2 Compact

ONLINE in autumn: 5-day script development workshop 2020, supported by Filmfond Nord, Nordnorsk Filmsenter and FilmCamp AS. more details

Women in focus!

ONLINE in autumn: Script Development Workshop supported by Creative Europe MEDIA and Film Fund Luxembourg. more details

Born in Evin by Maryam Zaree

German Film Award / Best Documentary! Produced by Tondowski Films and Austrian Golden Girls Film Produktion. Awards include Newcomer Award/Hessischer Filmpreis, Best Documentary/Fünf Seen Film Festival, Compass-Perspektive-Award/German Perspective Berlinale 2019 a.o.

Where No One Knows Us by Arash T. Riahi

Audience Award at Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis Saarbrücken!

The Mover by Dāvis Sīmanis

Latvian submission for the Academy Awards as Best Foreign Language Film! Produced by Mistrus Media.

Cleo by Eva Cools

3 Awards in Rome: MyMovies First Film Award, TimVision Award, Rising Star Award for Anna Franziska Jaeger!! Produced by Lunanime.

Solo by Artemio Benki

Main Award of CZECH JOY at Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival. Make Dox Onion Award / Best Film in the main programme. Golden Leaf Award for The Best World Documentary Film at Duhok IFF2019! Premiered at ACID Cannes 2019. Produced by Artcam Films, Petit à Petit Production, Lomo Cine, Golden Girls Production, Buen Destino. more details

Half-Sister by Damjan Kozole

Writer/director Damjan Kozole, co-writers Urša Menart and Ognjen Sviličić. Produced by Vertigo, Sisters and Brother Mitevski, Film House Baš Čelik, Slovenia. Premiered at KVIFF!

Family Practice by Jeshua Dreyfus

with Dani Levy, procuced by Tilt Production: Premiered at Solothurn FF, upcoming release in Swiss cinemas!

Staff Only by Neus Ballús

Premiered at Berlinale section Panorama! Produced by Ikiru Films, El Kinograf, Turanga Films, La Terraza Films and France’s Les Films Hatari.

GIRL by Lukas Dhont

European Discovery – Prix Fipresci / EFA 2018, nominations Best European Film / Goya and Best Foreign Language Film / 76th Golden Globe Awards, Belgian Oscar submission, winner of the EU Human Rights in Film Award – and 4 awards in Cannes: Camera d’Or, Prize for Best Performance / Un Certain Regard, Queer Palm, Cannes Critics’ Prize.
Completed: Sources 2 Compact at FilmCamp / Norway
Sources 2 sessions in Catalonia: Arash T. Riahi advising Anna Bofarull
Open lecture by Caterina d’Amico at Wajda School: Mentor – A Servant Of Two Masters. Sources 2 Projects & Process in Warsaw.
Sources 2 Projects & Process in Warsaw 2019!
Sources 2 Projects & Process advisers 2019: Louise Gough, Arash T. Riahi, Eric Collins.
Completed: Sources 2 Script Development Workshop in Lithuania 2019.
MAP STORY LOGIC – Live case study with Paul Tyler and Kristina Buožytė Sources 2 Workshop in Lithuania 2019.
Eric Collins gave a Sources 2 Master Class in Vilnius, April 2019.
Sources of Inspiration by Lukas Dhont on occasion of the European Film Awards 2018 in Seville!
Rolf Orthel and Louise Gough at Sources 2 Projects & Process in Herrsching/Bavaria 2018.
Working at FilmCamp, June 2018.
Ludger Pfanz about 'Space-Time Narratives / The DNA of Storytelling' 2018.
Participants, guests and team, Sources 2 workshop at FilmCamp 2018.
Sources 2 will be back in Luxembourg in 2020 thanks to the support of Film Fund Luxembourg.