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Read contributions by Vinca Wiedemann, Virgil Widrich, Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir, Michel Reilhac, Michael Comyn, a.o.
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Sources 2 Projects & Process in Baden/Austria with Louise Gough, Eric Collins, Arash T. Riahi. Guests: Rolf Orthel, Paul Tyler, Peter Delpeut, Karol Griffiths. more details

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2017 consultancy sessions and master classes with Arash T. Riahi, Gualberto Ferrari, Miguel Machalski and Edgard Tenembaum. more details

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The Migrumpies, Cloudboy, Free Lunch Society, Star Boys, Lou Andreas Salomé... Spanish Oscar submission and EFA nomination: Summer 1993

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The Infinite Garden, Lajko, Fuck Fame, Small Planets, Born in Evin...
Completed: Mentors Training in Baden/Austria 2017.
Mentoring session with Louise Gough and Arash T. Riahi, Sources 2 Projects & Process in Baden/Austria 2017.
Karol Griffiths' open lecture in Baden/Austria on occasion of Sources 2 Projects & Process in Baden/Austria 2017.
Participants, guests, partners and team, Sources 2 workshop at FilmCamp 2017.
Ildikó Enyedi about her Sources of Inspiration at FilmCamp, Juni 2017.
Paul Tyler / Handling Ideas at Sources 2 workshop at FilmCamp, Juni 2017.
New partnership with Film Fund Luxembourg, Sources 2 workshop in Luxembourg, April 2017.
Michael Seeber, Louise Gough and Arash T. Riahi, our advisers guiding Sources 2 Projects & Process - Training Mentors.
Opening Sources 2 Projects & Process 2013