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Sources of Inspiration by Jasmila Žbanić | Fernando Eimbcke | Marcus Vetter more details


Printed documentations available upon request! more details


New contributions!
Vinca Wiedemann about writing processes, Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir about intuition, Virgil Widrich's case study Night of a 1000 Hours, Michel Reilhac and Steye Hallema about VR.
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Open lecture by Karol Griffiths

Breaking the surface – navigating writers to the deep… / Techniques to vitalise writers and creative authenticity.

Sources 2 Projects & Process in Baden/Austria more details

Mentors Training in Baden/Austria

Sources 2 Projects & Process: Workshop with Louise Gough, Eric Collins, Arash T. Riahi. Guests: Rolf Orthel, Paul Tyler, Peter Delpeut, Karol Griffiths. more details

Successfully completed

Script Development Workshop at FilmCamp/Norway, June 2017. Special guests: Ildikò Enyedi, Vinca Wiedemann, Steye Hallema

Film News

Sources 2 films / recent success! more details

Sources 2 sessions in Spain!

2017 consultancy sessions with Gualberto Ferrari, Miguel Machalski and Edgard Tenembaum in Barcelona, San Sebastian and Seville. more details

The Migrumpies by Arman T. Riahi

Now in German cinemas!

Summer 1993 by Carla Simón

Spanish Oscar submission!

Lou Andreas Salomé by Cordula Kablitz-Post

Upcoming: Cinematic Release in the US and Brasil
Participants, guests, partners and team, Sources 2 workshop at FilmCamp 2017.
Vinca Wiedemann lecturing at Sources 2 workshop at FilmCamp, Juni 2017.
Ildikó Enyedi about her Sources of Inspiration at FilmCamp, Juni 2017.
Steye Hallema about the world of VR, Sources 2 workshop at FilmCamp, Juni 2017.
Paul Tyler / Handling Ideas at Sources 2 workshop at FilmCamp, Juni 2017.
New partnership with Film Fund Luxembourg, Sources 2 workshop in Luxembourg, April 2017.
Participants, partners and team, Sources 2 workshop in Luxembourg 2017.
Completed: Mentors Training in Oulu/Finland 2016.
Fishbowl - live script session with Louise Gough and Arash T. Raihi at Sources 2 Projects & Process - Training Mentors in Bavaria 2015.
Michael Seeber, Louise Gough and Arash T. Riahi, our advisers guiding Sources 2 Projects & Process - Training Mentors.
Opening Sources 2 Projects & Process 2013