Booklets available upon request from the Sources 2 office:

Sources of Inspiration 2016
Jasmila Žbanić | Fernando Eimbcke | Marcus Vetter

Sources of Inspiration 2015
Margarethe von Trotta | Ole Giæver | Jessica Hausner

Sources of Inspiration 2013 | 2014
Agnieszka Holland | Petter Skavlan | Fernando Trueba | Wolfgang Kohlhaase | Catherine Breillat

Sources of Inspiration 2012
Barbara Albert | Ilmar Raag | Petter Næss | Isaki Lacuesta

Sources of Inspiration 2011
Bruno Dumont | Gaspar Noé | Björn Carlström & Per Janérus

Sources 2 Projects & Process – 
Training Mentors for European Scriptwriters and Documentary Filmmakers

David Wingate | Rolf Orthel | Igor Korsic | Pavel Jech | Dick Ross (2010)

Sources of Inspiration 2010
Bruno Monsaingeon | Hans Petter Moland | Andreas Dresen

Sources of Inspiration 2009
Ventura Pons | Jan Kounen | Marc Recha

Sources of Inspiration 2008
Mike Leigh | Götz Spielmann | Asif Kapadia | Lenny Abrahamson & Mark O'Halloran

Sources of Inspiration 2007
Béla Tarr | Fernando Pérez | Dick Ross: The Heart of the Matter – Emotion vs Intelligence

Heidrun Schleef
Synergy or Competition? Experienced Writers Teaming up with Young 
Directors | How to Approach Historical Subjects and Characters | A Man’s Character in an Hour and a Half – How to Construct a Character (2006)

Sources of Inspiration 2006
Nils Gaup | Bent Hamer | David Wingate: The ’About’ Question – How Do Creative People Deal With the Question: ‘What's Your Work About?

Dick Ross
The End – A Good Place to Begin | From Here… to There: Scriptwriting for a Wider World | Stalking the Wild Talent. (2006)

Sources of Inspiration 2005
István Szabó | Jørgen Leth | Ronald Harwood

(Creative) Documentary in Europe 2003/2004
Sources of Inspiration Lectures: Herz Frank | Nicolas Philibert | Andres Veiel

Sources of Inspiration Lectures 2003
Lone Scherfig | Peter Mullan | Mika Kaurismäki

(Creative) Documentary in Europe 2001/2002
Tine Fischer (Danish Film Institute) | Markku Flink (Northern Film and Media Centre POEM) | Knut Erik Jensen (Norwegian director) | Tue Steen Müller (EDN-European Documentary Network) | John Purdie (Sources 2) | Kees Ryninks (Dutch Film Fund) | David Wingate (Sources 2)

Dick Ross
A Park, a Policeman and a Pretty Girl. Some Thoughts on the Subject of Comedy | Corinne Jacker: "... I Preferred the Movie..." moderated by Dick Ross. | Dick Ross: Berlin Notes. Reflections on Literary Adaptation. (2001)

Sources of Inspiration 2000
Ken Loach | Michael Radford | Jasmin Dizdar

Sources of Inspiration 1997-1999
Gianni Amelio | Hark Bohm | Férid Boughedir | Fridrik Thor Fridriksson | Mogens Rukov

Dick Ross
Maria is 25 and She is Beautiful | Words at Work: Functions of Dialogue | Tips on Screenwriting. (1999)

Point of Departure: The Script. A European Journey.
Film i Väst and Sources 2 in Sweden. Round Table Discussion at the XXII Göteborg Film Festival (1999).

Sources documentations 1993-1995

Sources of Inspiration Lectures
Krzysztof Zanussi | George Sluizer | Barry Devlin | István Szabó | Nouri Bouzi | Dusan Makavejev | Andrej Smirnoff | Jean-Pierre Marchand | Lars Molin | Colin Young | Suso Cecchi d’Amico | Derek Malcom

Jan Fleischer
An Approach to Screenwriting for the Feature Film. 68 Writers and their Stories. (1995)