Lectures held during Sources 2 workshops, just download!

Tue Steen Müller
Mentoring in Documentary Filmmaking
Herrsching/Germany, 24 September 2018
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Karol Griffiths
Breaking the surface – navigating writers to the Deep…
Techniques to vitalise writers and creative authenticity
Baden/Austria, 20 October 2017
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Steye Hallema
Case Study: Story Design / Virtual Reality – Ashes to Ashes (NL 2016)
FilmCamp/Norway, 14 June 2017
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Vinca Wiedemann
When writing, what happens beyond the writing itself?
FilmCamp/Norway, 13 June 2017
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Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir
The Greatest Weapon of Storytellers is not a 'Pink and Fluffy' Feeling
Luxembourg, 5 April 2017
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Virgil Widrich
Case Study: Night of a 1000 Hours (2016), a project developed through a Sources 2 Script Development Workshop.
Luxembourg, 4 April 2017
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Michael Comyn
Masterful Mentoring
Oulu/Finland, 21 September 2016
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Michel Reilhac
Presence Design and Spatial Writing in Virtual Reality?
FilmCamp/Norway, 11 June 2016
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Michel Reilhac
Is Virtual Reality a Serious Option for a Filmmaker?
Pliezhausen/Germany, 18 April 2016
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Edgard Tenembaum
The relevance of our stories for an international audience 
and how to make them travel 
Pliezhausen/Germany, 16 April 2016
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Eric Collins 
Evolution of Full Circle? 
1915 – 2015, a Century of Screenwriting Lessons
Herrsching/Germany, 19 October 2015 
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Vinca Wiedemann
Mentoring: The Art of Asking the Right Questions and Shutting up at the Right Time.
Herrsching/Germany, 17 October 2015
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Alvaro Vega (Spain)
Marketing & Publicity for Cinema – the Mentality to Promote
FilmCamp/Norway, 14 June 2015
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Christopher Slaski (United Kingdom)
Applied Music: The Challenge of Composing For Films
Gothenburg/Sweden, 10 April 2015
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Per Nielsen (Denmark)
Authenticity / The Natural Story
Gothenburg/Sweden, 12 April 2015
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Georg Tschurtschenthaler (Germany/Italy)
Should I Care?
A Linear Journey Through The Digital Buzz Word Jungle – 
Cross-Media, Non-linear Storytelling, Transmedia, Apps, Gamification...
FilmCamp/Norway, 14 June 2014
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Ludger Pfanz (Germany)
Future Design: Artistic Visions for Audiovisual Media
Groß-Ziethen/Germany, 6 April 2014
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Michael Seeber (Austria)
Yang-Shan Meets San-Cheng
Or The Art Of Mentoring
Bavaria/Germany, 19 October 2013
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Gavin MacFadyen (United Kingdom)
Facts & Fiction – 
The Translation of Stories Based on Facts into a Dramatic Structure
FilmCamp/Norway, 19 June 2013
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Ain Mäeots (Estonia)
presents his feature film Demons (2012),a project developed through a Sources 2 Script Development Workshop.
FilmCamp, Malselv/Norway, 16 June 2013
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Axel Hellstenius (Norway)
Creative Strategies:The Most Embarrassing – And the Small Things How to Get More Out of Your Characters
FilmCamp/Norway, 14 June 2013
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Manuela Buono (Italy)
Great Expectations: 
The Present and Possible Bright Future of Cross-Platform Projects
Graz/Austria, 23 November 2012
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Iikka Vehkalahti (Finland)
To Find the Mind
Oulu/Finland, 27 September 2012 
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Michael Seeber (Austria)
The Magic Triangle. 
The Field of Creativity between Producer, Director and Writer in Project Development
FilmCamp, Malselv/Norway, 16 June 2012
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Susanne Schneider (Germany)
Between Obligation and Freestyle or Who Pays the Rent?
Tübingen/Germany, 17 April 2012
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Luis Miñarro (Spain)
The Abduction of Europe – A Quick Exploration on How to Make Art House Films in a Community Kidnapped by Financiers 
Tübingen/Germany, 16 April 2012
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Ludger Pfanz (Germany)
Space / Time Narratives – 
Structure and Style of 3D Screenplays and Documentary-Projects
Tübingen/Germany, 13 April 2012
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Saulius Drunga (Lithuania)
presents his feature film Anarchy in Žirmunai (2010)
a project developed through a Sources 2 Script Development Workshop.
Haparanda/Sweden, 20 November 2011
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Eric Collins (France)
Criticism – How to Take It, Dish It Out,
and Handle Both at the Same Time by Judging Oneself
Potsdam/Germany, 20 November 2010
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Jim Stark (USA)
The Creative Role of the Producer
Potsdam/Germany, 23 November 2010
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Rick Minnich and Matt Sweetwood (USA/Germany)
present their documentary Forgetting Dad (2009)
Potsdam/Germany, 19 November 2010
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Thomas Woschitz and Oliver Welter / Naked Lunch (Austria)
present their feature film Universalove (2008)
FilmCamp, Målselv/Norway, 13 June 2010
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Miguel Machalski (Argentina/France)
Global Storytelling: Brief Case Studies
Graz/Austria, 16 November 2009
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Duane Hopkins (United Kingdom)
presents his feature film Better Things (2008),
a project developed through a Sources 2 Script Development Workshop.
FilmCamp, Malselv/Norway, 12 June 2009
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Sonia Herman Dolz (Netherlands)
The Upshot of a Relationship
Preceded by the screening of The Master and His Pupil (2003)
Girona/Spain, 5 April 2009
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Arash T. Riahi (Austria/Iran)
presents his feature film For a Moment, Freedom (2008),
a project developed through a Sources 2 Script Development Workshop.
Girona/Spain, 1 April 2009
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Knut Erik Jensen (Norway)
The Lack of Reality in Documentary and Fiction
Preceded by the screening of Knut Erik Jensen’s documentary My Dear Friend (1994)
FilmCamp, Malselv/Norway, 13 June 2008
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Veit Helmer (Germany)
presents his feature film Absurdistan (2007),
a project developed through a Sources 2 Script Development Workshop.
Wicklow/Ireland, 27 April 2008
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Dagmar Jacobsen (Germany)
1,000 Reasons to Co-produce – or Not?
Wicklow/Ireland, 25 April 2008
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Ruth McCance (Sweden/United Kingdom, NI)
Silver Screens: Comparative Approaches to Narrative 
for Cinema and Television
Graz/Austria, 11 November 2007
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Andres Veiel (Germany)
Bordering on Fiction – Documentary Filmmaking on the Edge of Reality
Preceded by the screening of Andres Veiel’s film The Kick (2006).
Graz/Austria, 9 November 2007
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Arash T. Riahi (Austria/Iran)
presents his documentary Exile Family Movie (2006),
a project developed through a Sources 2 Script Development Workshop.
Nora/Sweden, 16 June 2007
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Enzo Monteleone (Italy)
Filming History
Preceded by the screening of Enzo Monteleone’s film El Alamein (2002)
Sorrento/Italy, 12 November 2005
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Heidrun Schleef (Italy/Germany)
on co-writing Gabriele Muccino’s Ricordati di me / Remember Me (2003)
Terni/Italy, 29 October 2003
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