Sources 2 – the European brand for Script and Story Development and advanced training for film professionals.

With 28 years of advanced training and developing award-winning films, Sources 2 has become a well-established brand with a recognition level in the European film industry that goes beyond scriptwriting workshops. Sources 2 is recognised for our dependability, creativity, and solid structure.

Founded in 1992 as a Dutch Foundation, Sources 2 has been operating from Amsterdam and Berlin. The continuous support granted by the European Commission’s Creative Europe MEDIA Programme since 1992 has enabled our activities, all of which have been co-funded by European partner institutions, representing both public and private organisations.

185 films developed through Sources 2 have been made to date, workshops and events have been held in 30 European countries with 2.500 alumni from 42 nations. A network of film professionals from 50 countries has been built.

Sources 2 will not offer any activities from 2021. Renate and Marion decided to cease after 25 rewarding years and close the Sources 2 office in Berlin on completion of the year 2020.

Stichting Sources seated in Amsterdam will remain. In the years to come, the board of directors will explore possible formats of a future edition of a Sources programme.