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Sources 2 in Lithuania 2019

Special Guests: Adina Pintilie, Paul Tyler, Liz Rosenthal


We are proud to realise a Sources 2 Script Development Workshop in Lithuania for the first time with the support of Creative Europe MEDIA and the Lithuanian Film Centre and in cooperation with the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and Creative Europe Desk Lithuania – MEDIA.

The workshop will take place from 4 to 12 April 2019 at TonyResort in the Trakai region where all participants, advisers and guests will be accommodated.

Participants, mentors and guests are coming from Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Israel, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, US.

Fifteen feature film and creative documentary projects have been selected for participation. Writers, directors and producers will develop their projects and receive professional training, working in three groups led by Miguel Machalski (Spain/Argentina), Eric Collins (France) and Gualberto Ferrari (France/Argentina). Guest adviser Paul Tyler (Denmark/UK) will work with each of the groups. The seven-day session will be followed by a coached three-month re-writing period and a follow-up session.

Sources 2 Master Classes will be offered prior to the workshop.
– Wednesday, 3 April 2019 at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
  9:30 – 11:30 Eric Collins: YOUR IDEA: A Lighthouse in the Storm of Creation
12:00 – 14:00 Miguel Machalski: Campfire at the Movies: Films & Storytelling
Read more! Please register by 1 April: info(at)

Events open to local film professionals and students:

Adina Pintilie – Sources of Inspiration
The Romanian filmmaker will speak about her Sources of Inspiration, preceded by the screening of her film Touch Me Not, 2018 Berlinale Golden Bear winner followed by an impressive festival circuit and sold to 35 countries. Adina will give insight into her work on the boundary between fiction, reality and visual art. In the new Romanian cinema landscape, her body of work stands for its highly individual visual style, its courage of cinematic experimentation and its uncompromising interest in the human psyche. The event will be followed by a networking reception hosted by Creative Europe Desk Lithuania – MEDIA.
– Saturday, 6 April 2019 / 15:30 screening, 18:00 – 19:30 lecture at Cinema Pasaka

Paul Tyler – Live Case Study
The visionary consultant from the United Kingdom will present his approach Map Story Logic. In a live case study a writer/director will map out a film project under Paul ‘s professional guidance. Paul will demonstrate a systemic approach and provide creative tools when helping to get to the heart of the story.
– Sunday, 7 April 2019 / 18:00 – 19:30 at TonyResort

Liz Rosenthal – Immersive Media
The British expert will speak about Trends in Immersive Storytelling: VR storytelling has come along the way in a short time. In just four years, it has evolved from an experimental form, hidden in the depths of pioneering university research departments, to works of art and entertainment that are wowing audiences in world-class festivals, galleries, museums and theme parks. Liz will give an overview of how storytellers are using the medium to approach a wide spectrum of genres and experiences, from social impact, fiction, animation to multiplayer, multi-sensory location based story worlds. She will demonstrate the huge opportunities that immersive technologies offer to connect and engage users in ways not previously possible with flat screen media and will give insight into the wide variety of players supporting the space.
– Tuesday, 9 April 2019 / 18:00 – 19:30 at TonyResort

Please register for the open events by 4 April: info(at)
Transfers Vilnius–TonyResort–Vilnius offered on 7 and 9 April.

LAMT, 5th Building / Kosciuškos str. 12, 01100 Vilnius
Cinema Pasaka, Šv. Ignoto 4/3, 01144 Vilnius
TonyResort, Anupriškių kaimas 2, Anupriškies, 21100 Trakai