content & work process


The workshops focus on training in the craft of screenwriting, storytelling, script analysis, genres and styles, development of structure, characters, and re-writing skills.

Participants are coached during their writing process and project development, considering target audiences, production aspects, financing and distribution strategies, cross-platform possibilities, positioning and presenting the project within the industry. Individual sessions with film industry representatives are occasionally included. In the Script Development Workshop with its seven-day residential session, a supplementary programme offers film screenings, lectures and discussions with film industry representatives, producers and renowned writer/directors.

work process

Training through professional development in a non-competitive atmosphere is the outstanding characteristic of Sources 2.

Experience shows that scripts are most effectively developed as part of a collaborative process. Each group is led by an experienced adviser who carefully guides the group members through the three-month process, discussing each project and providing feedback, advice and suggestions. Complementary to the group work, one-on-one sessions are included.

In an intensely creative process, participants work diligently on the development of their own and one another’s projects, exploring the diversity of European culture along the way. The communicative strength of each script is tested by a first professional audience, whose international feed-back opens up new and different perspectives on the project in development while stimulating the individual creative process at the same time.