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ONLINE: Sources 2 Compact

Mentors Arash T. Riahi, Eric Collins and Michael Seeber
Special session with Karol Griffiths

We are happy to announce our upcoming workshop Sources 2 Compact ONLINE with the support of Filmfond Nord, Nordnorsk Filmsenter and FilmCamp AS.

Sources 2 Compact focuses on professional script development and training. Originally planned as a residential session at FilmCamp, the first session will now be held online from 14 to 19 September 2020, followed by a coached three-month re-writing period and a second session.

The workshop will gather participants, mentors and guests from Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and US.

Fifteen feature film and creative documentary projects have been selected for participation. Writers, directors and producers will develop their projects and receive professional training, working in three groups led by Arash T. Riahi (Austria/Iran), Eric Collins (France) and Michael Seeber (Austria).

Special session:
Karol Griffiths – Rewrites / Revisions
Development consultant, script editor and writing mentor Karol Griffiths will guide a hands-on session focusing on Rewrites / Revisions. Karol will illuminate the rewriting-process: The preparation before entering meetings, the interpretation of producers’, editors’ and development executives’ input, the decipherment between valuable and less effective notes, the communication with mentees – facing common script problems, and a crucial point: Working under deadlines. Her long experience in the US and in Europe includes work with the Coen Brothers and Steven Spielberg, for Warner Brothers, Universal, Disney Studios, BBC Writers Room and The Literacy Consultancy London.
– 18 September 2020 / 17:00 – 18:30


ONLINE: Sources 2 Script Development Workshop

Women in focus!
Lectures by Cordula Kablitz-Post and Caterina d’Amico

We are proud to announce our first ONLINE Sources 2 Script Development Workshop! Following the success of our edition in Luxembourg three years ago, we are grateful for realising another workshop with the support of Film Fund Luxembourg and Creative Europe MEDIA.

Originally planned as a residential session in Luxembourg spring 2020, the workshop will now be held online from 29 September to 6 October 2020, followed by a coached three-month re-writing period and a second session.

Participants, mentors and guest lecturers will be nationals from twenty-four countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany,  Iran, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg,  Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US.

Twenty feature film and creative documentary projects were selected for participation. During the three-month online process writers, directors and producers will develop their film projects and receive professional training.

Women in focus! Projects featuring women’s stories, female perspectives, powerful female characters are prevailing in this workshop. Our mentors will be Karol Griffiths (UK/US), Eric Collins (France), Gualberto Ferrari (France/Argentina) and Miguel Machalski (Spain/Argentina).

Cordula Kablitz-Post – Sources of Inspiration
The German writer/director/producer will share not only her Sources of Inspiration but also her vast experience and strategies how to conquer the male-dominated film business as a female writer, director and (creative) producer working with fiction and documentary. Cordula will talk about the development process of her internationally awarded feature film Lou Andreas Salomé (Austria/Germany/Italy 2016) about the philosopher, writer and psychoanalyst who represents the filmmaker’s personal inspiration as a positive powerful feminist role model. The film, developed with Sources 2, was one of the most successful art house films in European cinema (a.o. Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland) and abroad (a.o. Brazil, China, US).
– 2 October 2020 / 16:00 – 17:30

Caterina d’Amico – Women in Film
The Italian mentor, developer and producer will talk about Women in film – in front of the screen, behind the screen, on the screen. In life, Caterina has been in very close relationship with quite a number of women in various capacities related to the film business. She will share some stories about three of them – a writer, a director and an actress – who made a major impact on international cinema through their experience and achievements. Caterina will try to find out what made them different from their male colleagues: Their motivation, their goals, the reasons for their choices. Nowadays, after the struggle of such pioneers, virtually all professions have opened up to women who hold prominent responsibilities also as educators, executives, decision makers. And still, the film business seems to be in the hands of male professionals. Is there anything that should be done to change it for the better?
– 5 October 2020 / 16:00 – 17:30